About us

Although George James Harness has only recently set up its online tack shop, we have been involved with carriages, harnesses and other riding equipment since the late 1800s.

From horse drawn omnibus to heavy horses for agriculture and various delivery vans and carts, we have been supplying customers in the wider Portsmouth area with the equine supplies and horse riding gear that they need for many decades.

My father founded our original equestrian company, ‘World Beater Equestrian’, back in the 1970s. We started off importing driving harness, saddles, bridles, head collars and stirrup leathers and later progressed to manufacturing horse rugs here at Soake Farm.

With the success of the imported saddlery and harness business that we bulit up, we then sent samples of our equine supplies to our suppliers of the various kinds of driving harness that we supply, including our Trade Harness, Black Patent Show Harness and general pleasure driving harnesses.

This gave us a foothold in the UK equestrian market and formed the foundation of our riding equipment business and subsequent online tack shop. Our success has driven us forward to develop and import a variety of equine supplies and products such as our: Boithane Carriage Driving Harness, Synthetic Saddles, Turnout Rugs and Stable Rugs — to name but a few!

We at George James Harness strive to give the best quality, best products and the very best prices and service to our customers. We are certain that you will find exactly what you need in our online tack shop and aim to provide you competitive rates on all our horse riding gear together with a speedy delivery!

Please contact us for any further help or advice that you may need. We are here for the complete beginner or the more experienced and would love to hear from you.