Measurement Guide

Horse Harness Measurement GuideHere is a quick and simple guide of how to measure your horse for a harness:

    • Bridle: Measure from point A, over the top of the horse’s pole to the opposite point A.
    • Breast Collar: Measure from point B, around the horse’s chest to the opposite point B
    • Measuring the circumference of the horse for the pad: From point C all the way round to point C.
    • Crupper Strap: Measure from point C the withers to point D the top of the dock.
    • Britchen: Measure from point E, the stifle joint to the opposite point E stifle joint.
    • Collar Measurement: From G to F.

When measuring for a collar this is just an approximate guide. The only real true way to make sure you collar fits, is to try several on. If you are unsure, it is best to get some advice. If you need help or want to discuss measurements, please give us a call on 02392 253850 or e-mail us at